Delegation of U.S. Migrant Leaders Push for a Human Rights Agenda in Mexico and the United States

Alianza Americas membership participants


  • Claudia Lucero (CRLN and Durango Unido)  
  • Zory Avila (Colectivo Mujeres Trasnacionales and Alianza Americas) 
  • Cindy García (ACIJ, AIDS) 
  • Lupita de la Cruz (Seeds of Resistance) 
  • Leslee Gutierrez (COPAL)
  • Andrés Cid (COPAL) 
  • María Elsa Guerra (Alianza Americas)
  • Sarah Rosland (Alianza Americas)
  • Rita Robles (Alianza Americas)


  • Carolina Ortiz (COPAL) 
  • Giselle Rodríguez (Centro para el Progreso de los Inmigrantes) 
  • Alejandro Rodríguez (Living Hope Wheelchair Association),
  • Martha de la Torre (Strangers no Longer)
  • Amy Ketner (Strangers no Longer)
  • Luis Resendiz (CIELO) 
  • Michell García (Access Living)
  • Jonathan Castro (Alianza Americas)

On March 9-11, 2022, a joint delegation to Mexico took place, featuring representatives from several Alianza Americas member organizations.

The primary goal of the delegation was for U.S.-based leaders of Mexican descent to  come into contact with Mexico-based organizations,in order to build a common advocacy agenda.


The delegation’s specific goals included:

  1. For Alianza Americas member organizations to learn about the current context in Mexico in terms of violence, militarization, labor, and migration.
  2. Identify issues in which the advocacy agenda of organizations in Mexico can be strengthened.
  3. Identify possible advocacy issues in the United States.
  4. Identify issues other than those already established, which could be part of the membership’s work in 2022. 

The days were divided into thematic blocks, and included meetings with Mexico civil society groups specializing in security, violence and militarization, forced displacement of people, disappearances, children, labor rights, migration, deportation, asylum, and humanitarian assistance.


On March 9, the working groups focused on forced displacement and disappearances, featuring the following experts: 

  • Tania Ramírez, executive director of Network for Children’s Rights in Mexico (REDIM  by its Spanish acronym)
  • Brenda Pérez, coordinator on  forced Displacement for the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights (CMDPDH)  
  • Carlos Ventura  of SERAPAZ

That day also included a meeting with organizations specializing to defending labor rights:

  • Rosario Ortiz, Network of Women Trade Unionists (RMS)
  • Margarita Nemecio, National Network of Day Laborers and Agricultural Day Laborers 
  • Catalina Guzmán, Worker Support Center (CAT)  
  • Marcelina Bautista, Support and Training Center for Household Workers (CACEH)

On March 10, we met with organizations working on migration rights, featuring the following Mexican activists: 

  • Melissa Vértiz, Migration Policy Working Group (GTPM)
  • Maggie Lugo, Other Dreams in Action (ODA)
  • Alejandro Sánchez, KIND (virtual)
  • Alessio Mirra, HIAS (virtual)
  • Ramón Márquez, Help in Action (virtual)

We also visited the facilities of the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Human Rights Center, where we were welcomed by its director, Santiago Aguirre, María Luisa Aguilar, the center’s international coordinator of , and Yenny Santiago, coordinator of institutional development.

On March 11, we met at CAFEMIN’s facilities with representatives of various Mexico City migrant shelters. The attendees included:  

  • Gabriela González, Casa Tochan
  • Erendira Barco, Casa Mambré
  • Sister Magdalena Silva, Sister María Soledad, CAFEMIN
  • Gerardo Talavera, Casa Refugiados Program
  • Padre Juan Luis Carvajal, Mobility Ministry

Activists from the Alianza Americas network and Mexico-based defenders both agreed on the importance of holding these meetings in order to advance collaboration.


Delegation participants share their impressions of the trip, and reflect on the importance of joint advocacy between U.S. and Mexico-based activists, in the videos below: 

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