CARECEN DC and Alianza Americas Coordinate International Delegation to Observe the Salvadoran Elections

San Salvador, January 28, 2018 – From January 30 through February 5,  the Central American Resources Center (CARECEN DC) and Alianza Americas will lead a learning and monitoring delegation in the context of the presidential elections in El Salvador taking place on February 3.  The delegation will also include participants from Georgetown University, Meyer Foundation, La Clinica del Pueblo, CARECEN San Francisco, COTSA, CAIR Coalition, HIP/CAMMINA, and Foundry United Methodist Church.
CARECEN DC, an organizational member of Alianza Americas, shares a transnational visión and advocacy agenda focused on improving transparency, accountability, and overall quality of life in the countries of origin of Latin American immigrants in the United States.  Regional delegations offer a unique opportunity for participants to learn first-hand about the history and current political, social and economic context in Central America and to understand the factors driving forced migration.
In light of presidential elections that could have far-reaching implications for El Salvador and the region, CARECEN-DC has convened a diverse group of its own board and staff leadership, as well as leaders of other humanitarian and academic institutions interested in migrants rights,  and leaders in the Salvadoran community in the United States. The delegation will also include other member organizations of Alianza Americas, students, professionals, and the staff of the Alianza Americas office in El Salvador.
The delegation begins its itinerary on January 31, with a visit to the Center for Migrant Assistance (Centro de Atención al Migrante), in Colonia La Chacra in San Salvador, where the participants will meet with authorities from the National Council for the Protection and Development of Migrant Persons (CONMIGRANTES).  Afterward, the delegation will convene discussions with experts at the Central American University (UCA), with representatives of the US Embassy and finally, with the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic Development (FUSADES).
On February 1, the delegation will join the formal elections-observation delegation organized by Share Foundation.  On the second, participants will participate in the Share Foundation’s Water Forum and will carry out meetings with other civil society partners.  On the 3rd, the delegates will visit several polling stations in their roles as international observers. On February 5, the CARECEN-DC and Alianza Americas delegates will offer reflections from their experiences as elections observers,  at a press conference organized by the Share Foundation. (Time and place to be confirmed by Wednesday, January 30).
Press Inquiries
To request an interview with the organizers and/or delegates, please contact Yanci Nuñez, communications coordinator for Alianza Americas in Central America, by email [email protected] or telephone/What’s App +1(503) 7696 2555.
Alianza Americas is a network of 50 immigrant-led organizations representing more than 100,000 families across the United States. It is the only US-based organization rooted in Latino and Caribbean immigrant communities that works transnationally to create an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable way of life. Learn more at
The Central American Resource Center (CARECEN), originally named the Central American Refugee Center, was established in 1981 and incorporated in 1982 to meet the needs of refugees fleeing a period of violence and strife in Central America during the 1980s and 1990s. Today, our programs provide direct services in immigration, housing, and citizenship while also promoting empowerment, civil rights advocacy and civic training for Latinos.

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