Freedom for All: Building a Vision for Our Future

2021 Leadership Assembly



From November 2nd to 23rd, Alianza Americas held its Leadership Assembly 2021 Freedom for All: Building a Vision for Our Future. Together with our member organizations from across the United States, allies, and supporters of social justice across borders, we analyzed the shared challenges related to migration and threats to democracy in our region, we built the foundations of our next advocacy campaign, and we held elections for our Board of Directors, welcoming new leadership.


November 2

The Assembly started on November 2 with a public discussion, Democracy and Migration: Challenging Inequalities Across Borders, featuring experts who analyzed inequality, threats to democracy, and the rights of migrants in Mexico, Central America, and the United States.

Panelists: Alejandra Inzunza, Independent journalist and co-founder of Dromómanos; Yolanda Gonzalez Cerdeira, Direction Team, ERIC; and Emilio Kourí, Professor and Chair of the Department of History at the University of Chicago; Director of Katz Center for Mexican Studies.

During our first assembly session, we analyzed and discussed with our membership the need to work on a campaign calling for an end to immigration detention and upholding the right to migrate and seek asylum.


November 9

During the second session of our 2021 Leadership Assembly, Freedom for All: Our Fight for Liberation Across Borders, we analyzed and discussed with our membership additional details around the campaign calling for an end to the immigration detention and upholding migrants’ rights.

November 16

During the third session, A Year of Leadership and Transformation: Affirming our Commitment to Transnational Justice, we presented our 2021 activity report and evaluated our national campaigns and transnational efforts. We also provide a financial report. If you are part of the Alianza Americas membership and want more information about these reports, you can contact

23 de noviembre

In the fourth and final session Somos Alianza 2021: Electing Our Leaders for Transnational Justice, we held elections for our Board of Directors. Each year, through these elections, the Alianza Assembly ensures the diverse, participatory, and inclusive representation of people who are part of our network who want to form part of the board.

We extend our congratulations to the following people elected to the Alianza board:

  • Lariza Dugan Cuadra, Executive Director of CARECEN San Francisco, re-elected as Treasurer
  • Carolina Ortiz, Communications Director of COPAL Minnesota, elected as a member
  • Luis López Resendiz, Director of the CIELO Indigenous Interpreters Program, elected as a member
  • Elmer Romero, Manager of Programs and Adult Education of CRECEN Houston, reelected as a member.

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Asamblea 2018

This year we are celebrating seventeen years since our founding. While every year since our inception in 2004 has been very challenging, there is no question about the fact that managing the Covid-19 pandemic has been especially difficult. However, we have found a way to not only survive the pandemic but are finding a way to become a stronger network of Latin American immigrant-led organizations, reflective of the diverse racial and ethnic identities that define people of Latin American origin as Mestizos, Blacks, Indigenous, Asian, and many other expressions.


Our 17th year finds us stronger as a visionary and largely unique network. We continue to demand today, as we did from the beginning, a leadership role for our communities and organizations when it comes to everything about us. Alianza Americas injected new meaning to the motto of “nothing about us, without us,” which has a long history in the struggle for justice and equality abroad and at home.

Alianza Americas has also been a pioneer in advancing a transnational vision rooted in communities that has resulted in alliance building efforts across borders, as well as in the advancement of a transnational advocacy agenda. Our work today is centered on the urgent need to bring about equality and inclusion, particularly from the perspective of long excluded social groups; the need to redefine the conceptual and practical meaning of democracy, the imperative need to replace dehumanizing narratives driven by hate and lies; and replace them with narratives based on the inherent value of every person, mutual respect, and the celebration of diversity. In a time of intensified human mobility on the planet, it is also crucial to recommit ourselves to defend the rights of people who choose to migrate.

As Alianza Americas, we continue to play a visionary role on critical struggles such as migrant rights, climate justice, safeguarding our democracy, transforming the punishment-driven criminal justice system, championing the importance of protecting independent and investigative journalism in Latin America and in the US, and elevating the voices of people of Latin American origin, particularly immigrant voices everywhere where we are.


In the last year, has become a formal part of Alianza Americas, adding digital mobilization and advocacy expertise to the programmatic richness of Alianza Americas, particularly in areas such as media and corporate accountability, as it relates to the interests of Latinx communities, as well as Latin American immigrant communities. has also been a leader in advancing powerful new narratives about people of Latin American origin reflective of our beauty, and multiple talents and contributions in the process to make the U.S. and the world a better place to everyone.

We’re also excited to announce that this year we will host our public event: Democracy and Migration: Challenging Inequalities Across Borders, along with regular sessions of our biennial assembly, reserved for our members where we will evaluate our work and establish future programmatic lines. Globally we are facing challenges in the political, social, and economic realms. Throughout our assembly we will foster spaces to reflect on the various challenges that we are facing and our lived experiences.