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Alianza Americas Supports Regional Disaster Relief Efforts

Alianza Americas stands in solidarity with the many communities affected by recent disasters in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and throughout the Caribbean. As a network of Latino immigrant led-organizations with family, friends, and partners across the Americas, we are heartbroken by the loss of life and scale of the damage, and fully committed to being a part of the region’s efforts to rebuild.

Recovery will require a sustained, international commitment of resources. We appreciate that individuals across the region want to support these efforts, but are unsure or unaware of the best way to send financial and in-kind donations.

We are in continuous contact with leaders in affected communities and have curated this list of trusted on-the-ground partners, many of them members of Alianza Americas, who are coordinating relief efforts in their local communities. We will update this list as needs for support evolve in the coming weeks and months as recovery efforts get underway.

We appreciate your generosity in supporting our region through this difficult time. Thank you.

Organizations to Support in Relief Efforts

Alianza Americas endorses the relief and recovery efforts being coordinated by the following partners in these affected communities. We will continue to update this list as additional organizations are confirmed.

Organization How to Donate
Brigadas Solidarias del Oeste Paypal: libreysoberana@gmail.com

Paypal: Vah23@wildcats.unh.edu

COAI, Inc. http://bit.ly/2gfvnW7
Taller Salud http://bit.ly/2yrQ7l5
Colectiva Feminista en Construcción http://bit.ly/2xOTz9t
Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico http://bit.ly/2hQMb9J
Finca Conciencia http://bit.ly/2yQZcU9
Proyecto Matria http://bit.ly/2xkNzbF
Puerto Rico Community Network for
Clinical Research on AIDS
Proyecto de Salud y Acupuntura para el Pueblo Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

Account #015279499

Organización Boricuá de Agricultura
Ecológica de Puerto Rico
Banco Popular Account: #162039034 or

PayPal: organizacion.boricua@gmail.com

Proyecto ENLACE del Caño Martín Peña http://bit.ly/2wtKNwn
Proyecto de Salud y Acupuntura para el Pueblo Donate supplies
Project Hope Donate supplies
Red de Información y Apoyo Legal Gratuito https://www.facebook.com/ayudalegalhuracanmaria/
Centro de Ayuda Mutua PayPal  cdpecpr@gmail.com
Radio Vieques http://www.radiovieques.net/
Coordinadora Paz para la Mujer http://www.pazparalamujer.org/
Casa Pueblo http://bit.ly/2hHhfoN
Universidad de Puerto Rico Banco Popular of Puerto Rico, account:  #030083338. Account name:  Universidad de Puerto Rico,

Physical address: Jardín Botánico Sur, 1187  Flamboyán Street, San Juan, PR  00926-1117.

Internacional ABA: 021502011

Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico-A Just Recovery Amazon wish list http://amzn.to/2ykRzGq

Select shipping address: Maria Cristina Borges

Also consider adding your name to petitions being circulated by Presente and Oxfam, calling on President Trump and Congress to send an emergency recovery package to Puerto Rico.

Essential Supplies for Families and Communities in Puerto Rico- What to donate

Organization How to Donate/Collaborate
Appleseed Mexico http://www.appleseedmexico.org/apoyojuridico-sismo/
Ayuda en Acción México http://bit.ly/2gpprKf
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Organization How to Donate
CRECEN Houston http://www.crecen.us/ 
FIEL Houston https://fielhouston.org/
Living Hope Wheelchair Association http://www.lhwassociation.org/
Organization How to Donate
Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc./Haitian Women of Miami http://www.fanm.org/
Florida Immigrant Coalition https://floridaimmigrant.org/
WeCount! http://www.we-count.org/