Alianza Americas Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy- Pledges to Fight Racism and Xenophobia




Thursday January 12, 2017
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Cristina Garcia
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Alianza Americas Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy- Pledges to Fight Racism and Xenophobia

Launch of 2017 SOMOS Campaign to Coincide with King Day and Day of Healing

CHICAGO, IL – This week, the country honors the birth of a visionary pioneer for equality and social justice for all. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words from sixty years ago remain remarkable relevant today.  In a 1957 sermon, he exhorted his listeners to seek a path of light and love: “darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” In honor of Dr. King’s enduring legacy, organizations around the country are marking January 17 as a National Day of Healing. Alianza Americas will formally launch its 2017 SOMOS anti-racism and anti-xenophobia campaign on the 17th. The SOMOS/We Are campaign invites children and youth to explore their identities and diversity through art and culture. After a successful pilot with Latino immigrant youth in 5 cities in 2016, the SOMOS campaign will expand in 2017 to reach across communities and regions.

Oscar Chacón, Alianza Americas Executive Director Issued this statement.

As we prepare to honor the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we pledge to follow Dr. King’s teachings of social, racial and economic justice for all human beings.

We believe it is important to honor and remember those who came before us and struggled for civil rights; those who fought long and hard and organized to pave the way for the gains we have made in voting rights, women’s rights, desegregation, access to education, and access to housing. We must ensure that hard-won achievements, made through the sacrifices of our African-American brothers and sisters and allies are both preserved and expanded. We are inspired by Dr. King’s lessons of peaceful and non-violent resistance and we pledge to uphold his legacy by seeking justice for all, and particularly for those who have been vilified and scapegoated because of the color of their skin, their ethnic origin, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.

As Dr. King reminded us in his last Christmas sermon of 1967, “all life is interrelated. We are all…tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”   

This sentiment guides our transnational approach to human mobility and economic justice. Through the SOMOS campaign, Alianza Americas will make these connections more visible and tangible across generations.

We invite our friends, members and allies to add your voices to this movement and join us in celebrating Dr. King’s life on January 17 and beyond.