Action-Driven Diplomacy is based on the belief that everyone has the fundamental right to live in a peaceful, safe environment; that immigrants and their children make valuable contributions to both their home countries and the ones to which they migrate; and that all people should be treated with respect and dignity.

Alianza Americas—by combining the resource, and experience gained through its Network Advocacy, Leadership Institute, and Education Delegations—analyzes local, national, and transnational issues in order to advance humane solutions and achievable policies for immigrants in both their home and host countries.

The Alianza provides strategies, guidance, recommendations, and foundational support to resolve transnational challenges. Based on research, logical thinking, analysis, and exemplary negotiating skills—and at the request of elected officials, community leaders, governmental/non-governmental agencies, and others—the agency helps to forge agreements that actualize solutions to complicated cross-border differences.

The deep community roots and highly-respected leadership at Alianza promote action- driven strategies and their implementation on the vital issues that have an impact on the lives of immigrant families and vulnerable children throughout the Americas. Strategic diplomatic efforts include:

  • providing advice and council
  • analyzing and disseminating critical data
  • conferring and negotiating with elected officials, government agencies, NGOs, unions
  • producing briefs, reports, press releases, op-ed responses
  • delivering speeches and keynote addresses