Two historic decades defending and celebrating Latin American and Caribbean communities

Alianza Americas, a network of more than 50 organizations led by and in service of migrants of Latin American and Caribbean origin living in the United States, launches its “20mas” campaign, dedicated to celebrating its 20th anniversary and highlighting its leading track record in advocating and promoting the contributions of migrants of Latin American origin both in the U.S. and in their countries of origin.


Alianza Americas was a courageous response to the demonization of immigrant populations in the United States. Together with our member organizations, we have built a network that defends and celebrates the diverse identity that characterizes immigrant communities of Latin American and Caribbean origin. From the onset, our goals have focused on putting our membership at the center of our work, fostering a transnational vision, and playing a key role in shaping policies that affect Latin American and Caribbean populations, in the U.S. and our countries of origin.

Information on the schedule of commemorative actions throughout the year will be shared soon. You can also learn about our “20mas” fundraising effort.

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