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Special Gathering & Fundraiser

Featuring Neesa Medina

Alianza Americas is honored to bring internationally recognized Honduran women’s rights activist, Neesa Medina, for a conversation about gender based violence against women across Central America and Mexico.

The plight of Central Americans has captured the hearts of concerned people across the US since tens of thousands of women and children started arriving at our southern border in 2014. The dangers that they are fleeing have deep roots in Northern Triangle countries, linked to poverty, gender-based violence, and impunity. This is part of an 8-day educational tour that seeks to continue to raise awareness, create alliances, and drive understanding and support of this ongoing crisis.

Join Alianza Americas and Neesa Medina, an internationally recognized women’s rights activist from Honduras, for an evening of dialogue around the challenges facing Central American women and their families. Your support of this program will fund Alianza’s rapid response work around TPS and other urgent advocacy for immigrants and families across the Americas.



A feminist sociologist, Neesa Medina currently works as Security and Gender Analyst for the Center for Women’s Rights (CDM) in Honduras. CDM fights to end violence against women in Central America. In Honduras, such violence is widespread, affecting women’s and girls’ lives in many ways. However, women-led organization like CDM are making positive difference, and since its founding in 1992, the organization has received significant recognition for protection of women’s right to political participation, labor protections, and freedom from violence. Neesa and CDM’s work is featured in “The Invisible Crisis: the Female Face of Forced Migration” a short documentary produced last year by Alianza member, Centro Presente, about the forced migration of Central American women.

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