Going “Casa Por Casa” to Support TPS Holders

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) programs been cancelled for more than 350,000 people from seven countries since last year. While this is a devastating blow to our communities, Alianza America’s work to protect TPS holders, organize support, and build legislative and legal solutions is only just beginning.

Alianza Americas is going door-to-door—“Casa Por Casa”—in key cities across the US, connecting with TPS holders and their families to share an important message: You have rights, you have a voice, and you can make a difference on this issue, starting right at home.

“Casa Por Casa” meetings equip TPS holders with information to:

  • Understand their legal rights as long-time residents of the US
  • Connect with other TPS holders and allies to build local circles of protection
  • Share their stories with local elected officials and stakeholders
  • Support national efforts to build legislative and legal supports for TPS holders
  • Demonstrate solidary with other communities being attacked in the current political climate

Over the next 12 months, Alianza Americas aims to connect with over 500 TPS holders and their families in 5 communities across the United States, but we need your help:

  • Spread the word about “Casa Por Casa” in your community. We are eager to expand our network of supporters to do this critical work.
  • Host a “Casa Por Casa” meeting in your home. Free bilingual toolkits are available for download at alianzamericas.org
  • Fund a “Casa Por Casa” meeting. Just $100 allows us to reach 10 people!


For more information, contact Yanira Arias at yarias@alianzaamericas.org

Familia Bonilla López

Casa por Casa por la Residencia Permanente llega a Houston, TX bajo el liderazgo de Crecen Htx Houston. Esta es una estrategia para organizar a la comunidad impulsada por Alianza Américas a nivel nacional con el objetivo de informar, empoderar, generar espacios de participación y elevar las voces y contribuciones de las familias recipientes de TPS en la búsqueda de una solución legislativa permanente, identificar alivios legales y para mantener a las familias unidas ante la amenaza de la cancelación del TPS.

Agradecemos a la familia Bonilla López por recibir en su hogar a Teodoro Aguiluz, Director Ejecutivo de Crecen Houston y a Yanira Arias de Alianza Américas.

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Pending cancelations of TPS could affect more than 350,000 people from ten countries. TPS was created as a stop-gap measure because our immigration system did not have a way to support people who were in the US when something catastrophic—like war, famine or a natural disaster—happened in their home country and prevented their safe return.

Over the years, as conditions in their home countries have not improved, many TPS beneficiaries have built lives in the US. They have worked hard, built businesses, purchased homes, and raised families. For nearly 30 years, Congress has failed to take the steps to update this intentionally “stop-gap” measure into a permanent immigration program. TPS families have lived in limbo, but they have complied with the rules and, until now, have never been asked to leave. By the end of 2017, TPS programs for Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Haiti will come up for renewal, and the Department of Homeland Security has signaled that they will not be renewed.

This toolkit gives you the opportunity to take action to #SAVE TPS through direct advocacy and spreading the word to build pressure.  You will find example of messages that you can share on Twitter and Facebook, including several graphics you can publish and share with your networks.


Resources for Advocacy and Community Organizing/Recursos para la abogacía y para organizar a la comunidad – (Bilingual tools) 

List of tools available through ENG & SPA toolkits

Resources for Advocacy and Community Organizing/Recursos para la abogacía y para organizar a la comunidad – (Bilingual tools)

  • Casa por Casa por la Residencia Permanente/ SPANISH/ENGLISH
  • ¿Qué está pasando con el TPS? /What is happening with TPS?NEW TOOL FROM CASA POR CASA 
  • Herramienta para proveedores de servicio sobre el TPS/ Practitioner’s Desk Reference: Temporary Protected Status Designation by Clinic Legal USE NEW TOOL BY CLINIC see link here
  • Impactos por la cancelación del TPS/Impacts of Ending TPS SPANISH ENGLISH
  • Modelo de carta para pedir una reunión con miembros del Congreso/ Sample Meeting Request with Members of Congress and Senate UPDATED TOOL 
  • Puntos de discurso/Talking Points SPANISH ENGLISH (UPDATED RESOURCE IN ENGLISH!)
  • Biz DACA + TPS Template Letter ENGLISH
  • Propuestas de ley por el TPS/TPS bills comparison chart (Jan. 2018) SPANISH ENGLISH
  • Directorio de Organizaciones que asisten a la comunidad/Directory of organizations assisting TPS holders SPANISH ENGLISH
  • Protéjase en Contra del Fraude/Protect yourself from notario fraud SPANISH  ¡Llamado a tomar acción por el TPS!
  • Graficas en ingles/Graphics (English only) DOWNLOAD


Navigating the Legislative Path Forward on TPS:

November 28, 2017

Advocates are united in a call for Congress to legislate a pathway to permanent residency that will allow long-time TPS holders to stay in their homes and jobs. Multiple bills have been introduced by bipartisan members of Congress in past weeks. There is much work to do in helping the right bill advance for vote, but the first step is understanding what is—and isn’t—included in each of these legislative proposals.

Alianza Americas hosted a webinar discussion to discuss current legislative proposals in Congress and next steps on a push for action.

View Webinar Here in ENGLISH or SPANISH

Review Speakers’ Power Point Presentations ENGLISH or SPANISH

Compare current legislative proposals for TPS Holders in ENGLISH or SPANISH

Alianza Americas hosted a “What’s Next for TPS?” webinar to respond to DHS announcements on Temporary Protected Status for Honduras and Nicaragua: 

November 7, 2017

Webinar recordings are available here:


We are deeply appreciative of the support of our partners at CARECEN-DC, Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), Haitian Women of Miami, Latin American Working Group, Make the Road New York, and the New York Immigration Coalition for providing informative presentations. We also thank TPS holders and families for providing powerful testimonials about how policy developments will affect them personally.

More Resources

Alianza Americas and our member Centro Presente are launching an educational video about Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Alianza & Members Taking Action

Clinica legal para personas amparadas bajo el Estatus de Protección Temporal (TPS) organizada por Centro Presente y la Ciudad de Somerville.

La comunidad se está informando sobre sus derechos y opciones.

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Conversando Sobre el Estatus de Protección Temporal (TPS) en Agencia ALPHA 

Estamos en vivo desde Radio Luz Boston con Agencia ALPHA en su programa radial ” Tu Punto de Partida” un espacio de dialogo sobre temas migratorios. El día de hoy conversando sobre el Estatus de Protección Temporal (TPS)

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The Chelsea Collaboartive is asking Chelsea City officials to make commitments to defend TPS and immigrant rights

Stakeholders forum on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) at Chelsea City Hall hosted by our member The Chelsea Collaborative. The City Manager Thomas G. Ambrosino and District Five City Councilor Judith Garcia, joined a group of local leaders, faith based communities, legal service providers, and a representative of the Massachusetts Attorney General; to discuss opportunities to work together in support of TPS recipients.

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On July 19 The Chelsea Collaborative hosted a community forum on Temporary Protected Status ( TPS) and immigrant rights.

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Centro Hispano Cuzcatlan organiza reunion informativa de TPS

Centro Hispano Cuzcatlan organizo una reunión informativa y para identificar acciones en apoyo a la comunidad beneficiaria de TPS residente en Queens, NY.
Durante el mes de Agosto la comunidad estara solicitando reuniones con sus miembros del Senado y de la Casa de Representantes, con el alcalde de la ciiudad de New York, e iniciara una jornada de llamadas originadas por familiares y aliados abogando por una extension del TPS.

Alianza Americas presented a workshop on Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

The training seeks to strengthen leadership skills for young activists from Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, and Tennessee.

Our members Women Working Together USA and WeCount along with our board member Sarai Portillo from Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justiceare represented in this important effort.

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Casa Yurumein presented a dialogue on Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Our members Casa Yurumein, the Central American Black Organization and Hondurans Against AIDS hosted a community dialogue on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the Bronx. The community identified actions for outreach, organizing and advocacy.

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Alianza Americas and its members discuss the community’s concerns and pressing issues on the potential cancelation of TPS for Hondurans nationals

Alianza Americas and our members Central American Black Organization, Hondurans Against AIDS, Casa Yurumein and Wind of the Spirit met with the General Consulate of Honduras in New York, we discussed the community’s concerns and pressing issues on the potential cancelation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Hondurans nationals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Our members will continue to reach out to the the General Counselor Lic. Hector Monroy as part of our educational and civic participation actions in support of TPS recipients and their families.

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Alianza Americas met with member Dominican Development Center to discuss opportunities to advocate for Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

We met with our member Dominican Development Center to discuss opportunities to advocate for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). In addition we met with Jennifer Nova an amazing artist, she will lead and implement our SOMOS initiative in Jamaica Plain this coming Saturday August 19; through drumming, singing, dancing, and art projects families will envision communities without racism and xenophobia.

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