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This toolkit titled “Save TPS” has been developed by Alianza Americas and is a compilation of resources designed for the Temporary Protection Status (TPS) beneficiaries, their families, allies, faith communities, labor unions, employers, business owners, and community-based organizations interested in carrying out actions that may contribute to achieving an extension of 18 months for people protected under TPS relief from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

“Save TPS” offers a number of tools that you can use in advocacy efforts with Senators and members of Congress, they are key leaders with the power to identify, introduce, and approve changes to current laws to allow TPS beneficiaries to adjust their status to permanent residents. Similarly, elected officials can be encouraged to advise the Secretary of Homeland Security to grant a further extension of 18 months of protection to these countries. It is quite possible that some elected official and their staffers are unaware of what TPS is and the impacts of terminating the program. This is why a number of tools are designed to educate, alert, and encourage elected officials to use their power and leadership to save TPS and provide permanent relief to the more than 300,000 people currently receiving the benefits this program.

We are confident that in your locality there is the need to organize, mobilize, and give leadership spaces to TPS recipients; in this toolbox you will find resources that will help you work with the community and above all give them a voice and opportunities for action in the defense, protection, and support of TPS recipients and their families. Here you will find talking points, statistics on the impact of terminating TPS, guidance on how to create effective testimonies, sample letter to request a meeting with your elected officials, guidelines to prepare for a legislative visit, steps to protect yourself from scams by notaries and certain unscrupulous lawyers seeking to take advantage of the crisis, etc.

This toolbox also gives you the opportunity to take action through social networks, you will find example of messages that you can share on Twitter and Facebook, including several graphics you can publish and share with your networks.

Finally, if you need to contact one of our organizational members, you will find a directory with the necessary information. They are developing local campaigns to save TPS and advocating for permanent residence. Visit their offices, learn, participate, commit to action, and above all, do not isolate yourself; working collectively we can achieve keeping families together.

Alianza Americas is a network of immigrant organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean in the United States. Its forty-five organizational members represent more than 100,000 families in 16 states of the United States. It is the only national organization in the United States that has its roots in Latin American and Caribbean immigrant communities, working transnationally to create an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable way of life.


Resources for Advocacy and Community Engagement/ Recursos para la abogacía y la participación comunitaria – (Bilingual tools)

  1. Frequently Asked Questions About TPS SPANISH  ENGLISH
  2. Countries Receiving Temporary Protection or Notified Recent Termination of TPS Designation SPANISH ENGLISH
  3. Impacts of Ending TPS SPANISH ENGLISH
  4. Temporary Protection for Vulnerable Migrants Saves Lives and Should be Continued- Alianza Americas ED statement SEE FULL STATEMENT
  5. Sample Meeting Request with Members of Congress and Senate ENGLISH
  6. Talking points SPANISH ENGLISH

Resources for Education and Organizing/ Recursos para educar y organizar (see English/Spanish)

  1. Respuestas a Preguntas Frecuentes de la Comunidad sobre lo que está Pasando con el TPS SPANISH
  2. ¡Salvemos al TPS y Aboguemos por la Residencia Permanente para los Beneficiarios del TPS Ahora! SPANISH
  3. ¿Cómo evitar ser víctima de estafas a manos de Notarios? SPANISH
  4. ¿Qué es un testimonio personal? SPANISH
  5. Consentimiento informado para dar autorización de utilizar su testimonio en apoyo a salvar el TPS SPANISH
  6. Puntos de discurso-Talking Points SPANISH ENGLISH
  7. Directorio-Directory SPANISH ENGLISH
  8. Cómo Prepararse y Pasos durante una Visita Legislativa/How to Prepare and steps for a legislative visit. SPANISH  ENGLISH

Resources for e-Organizing via Social Media/ Recursos para organización en línea y redes sociales

  1. ¡Llamado a la acción, Salvemos al TPS!  SPANISH
  2. Call to Action, Save TPS! SPANISH ENGLISH
  3. Graphics/Graficas (English only) DOWNLOAD