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February 17, 2014

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As lawmakers drag their feet, Latino Leaders and Allies Call on President Obama to use “The Power of the Pen” to Halt Deportations Immediately

Chicago, IL – Today, on President’s Day,  Latino Immigrant leaders and allies  launch a campaign asking the President to use “The Power of the Pen” to provide immediate relief from deportation to undocumented immigrants.  President Obama has indicated he will use the power of his pen to issue executive orders to keep the country moving forward when Congress cannot or will not take action.  NALACC members call on him to use that power to keep immigrant families together and provide relief from deportation to millions of hardworking immigrants.

“Our families are still living in fear as more than 1,000 people continue to be deported every single day, most of whom have committed no other infraction than living in this country without an immigrant visa,” stated Claudia Lucero, NALACC’s  Board President. “Instead of making excuses for the continuation of this inhumane deportation machine, President Obama should use his authority as Chief Executive to end it,” added Mrs. Lucero.

“As our elected officials drag their feet and fail to fix our broken immigration system, it makes sense to stop breaking families apart in the service of enforcing a deeply inhumane, immoral and obsolete policy,” commented Oscar Chacon, NALACC’s Executive Director. “Stopping the current record-breaking pattern of deportations is a great first step toward building a positive, constructive spirit for reform,” added Mr. Chacon.

Beginning on Feb. 17, NALACC member organizations and allies will initiate a series of local and national actions intended to gradually increase the visibility of this campaign and put an end to deportations.  Press conferences will take place across the country and more activities will be rolled out over the next days and weeks.   NALACC members will also collect and send postcards to send to the President.  Download and print the postcard HERE.

Keep up with the campaign on Facebook at or contact us for more information on how YOU can connect: