Mother’s Day Marks Launch of Southeast Speaking Tour on Violence Against Central American Women and Children


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Mother’s Day Marks Launch of Southeast Speaking Tour on Violence Against Central American Women and Children

FRIDAY, May 12, 2017
Cristina Garcia, (773) 875-3314

Mexican lawyer and  activist Maya Casillas will  share experiences from Mexico’s southern border.\

WHAT: Alianza Americas announces the kick-off of a three-state tour starting in Alabama and moving through Georgia and North Carolina, aimed at raising awareness of the factors that continue to drive thousands of women and young people from Central America to risk their lives to seek safety in the US and Mexico.  For many in the United States, it is hard to understand why someone would undertake such a dangerous journey, especially with children.  Esmeralda Maya Casillas Garcia, a lawyer in southern Mexico has gotten to know hundreds of people seeking asylum and hear their stories.

WHO: Alianza Americas with the support of its members, United for a Fair Economy and Latino Commission on AIDS, as well as immigrants rights allies and faith communities in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina will sponsor and host events with Esmeralda Maya Casillas Garcia, an emerging leader and fierce advocate for the protection and rights of migrant women and girls in southern Mexico.

WHEN & WHERE: May 12- May 20  Events open to the public include:

Dialogue with Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice on May 12

United for a Fair Economy community forum on May 17

Southeast Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN) on May 18

United Church of Chapel Hill on May 20:

Keep checking the website for more events.

WHY: Every day, hundreds of young people, women and children cross Mexico’s southern border seeking safety from the ongoing violence and insecurity in the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.  If they are caught, most of them will be quickly deported back to their home countries.  Mexico deported more than 89,000 people to the Northern Triangle last year.  Thousands more will find themselves in detention. The journey northward is filled with perils.  Women suffer sexual violence and children are abused.  Migrants are robbed and extorted by gangs, thugs, and tragically, by local police and authorities.

El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras rank among the top six countries in the world for violence against women. In Honduras, one study reported that a woman gets killed every 16 hours. Young people are targets gangs. Honduras and El Salvador trade off as the most violence countries in the hemisphere, and impunity is rampant. Official records show that 95% of murders in these countries are not investigated.



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